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Tap the Full Potential of Web-based Recruiting and Employment Initiatives

Extend the reach of recruiting self-service with JobSeeker™ recruiting and job application kiosks. Enterprises are increasingly reaping the benefits of web-based recruiting and employment application solutions. It's an effective way for job seekers to apply for jobs and save money at the same time. Kiosks allow you to extend this same self-service capability to job applicants walking into retail locations and employment offices.

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The Recruiting and Job Application Kiosk Solution

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DynaTouch can help your organization extend the reach of your web-based job application and recruiting applications to retail locations, employment offices, and other remote locations. Using a carefully integrated system of kiosk hardware and software - with a user-friendly interface, 24x7 reliability and robust security - our JobSeeker™ Recruiting Kiosks are a powerful solution. Allow job seekers to view employment and company information, and search and apply for jobs via an easy to use interface at any location. And, the organization can achieve significant savings and return on investment by eliminating paper based job application processing.

DynaTouch has worked with organizations around the world to develop recruiting and employment kiosk content and technology tailored to meet their unique recruiting needs. Our JobSeeker kiosk solutions seamlessly integrate with Oracle/PeopleSoft, Lawson, SAP, Workday, iCIMS, Taleo, Peopleclick, HRsmart, UltiPro, ADP VirtualEdge, IBM Kenexa, USAJOBS and QuickHire (Monster Government Solutions' Web-based hiring management solution), as well as many other client specific recruiting and employment related content and services.

JobSeeker™ Recruiting Kiosk

A commercial off-the-shelf, turnkey solution providing job seekers with quick, easy and secure access to online job/career information. Allows job applications to be completed at the kiosk at any location, thus eliminating the cost associated with paper-based job application processing. Additionally, applications are available to recruiters in more timely to allow candidates to be assessed, processed and thus, open positions to be filled more quickly.

Our JobSeeker™ Kiosk is an integrated solution with a customized interface that includes professionally branded mainmenu(s), templates and style sheets, attract loop graphic displays, plus a set of XML menu displays with large, user-friendly buttons/ selections -- which seamlessly integrates with leading applicant tracking systems (e.g. Oracle/PeopleSoft, Lawson, SAP, Workday, iCIMS, Taleo, Peopleclick, HRsmart, UltiPro, ADP, USAJOBS, QuickHire, etc.) and other web-based company and career content.

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JobSeeker™ Recruiting Kiosk Options & Benefits

  • Choose from a variety of secure, rugged yet attractive kiosk models - including freestanding, table top, sit-down privacy desks, and built-in options - professionally branded for your enterprise
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface with a focus on recruiting and job application functions
  • Safe and secure unattended operation, with advanced security features to prevent access to the operating system, network or unauthorized Internet sites
  • Peripheral device options - laser and thermal printers, mag stripe and smart card readers, badge readers, bar code scanners, proximity sensors, privacy screens, fingerprint readers, telephones, webcams and others
  • Supports 24 x 7 remote monitoring for trouble-free operation and maximum uptime
  • Monitor kiosk usage and optimize employee self-service functions with built-in usage logging and powerful, web-based reporting and analytical tools
  • Scalable and flexible interface, to easily accommodate changes as needs evolve
  • Easy integration with web-based applicant tracking application software

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