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Patient Access Kiosk

Patient Access

OneSource Solutions™
Patient Access Screens
  • Secure browser lock-down
  • Enables complex content
  • Seamlessly integrates with backend systems
  • Accommodates multi-user workstations
  • User-friendly interface
  • Government-approved software
  • Built-in usage tracking
  • Improves service while reducing costs

Realize Higher Returns from Patient Self-Service Initiatives

Improve patient service and reduce costs using DynaTouch's Patient Self-Service Kiosks. DynaTouch has worked with organizations around the world to achieve cost savings and improve customer and patient services by developing self-service kiosk content and technology tailored to meet their unique self-service needs. Using a carefully integrated system of kiosk hardware and software - with a user-friendly interface, 24x7 reliability, robust security, and HIPAA compliance - our kiosks can integrate with a healthcare organization's existing HIS, patient portal, and other self-service capabilities to deliver patient services at the point of service.

Patient Self-Service Kiosk Solutions

Patient Portal Kiosk

DynaTouch's Patient Portal Kiosk allows healthcare organizations to provide on-site access to existing web-based patient self-services and information via an easy to use, safe, reliable and secure kiosk. Our Patient Portal Kiosk is an integrated kiosk solution with a customized interface that includes professionally branded mainmenu(s), templates and style sheets, attract loop graphic displays, plus a set of menu displays with large, user friendly buttons/selections which link to web-based patient self-services and information.

Patient Check-In Kiosks

  1. For healthcare organizations that have invested in developing and deploying a web-based patient portal enabling patients to perform pre-registration activities from the internet, DynaTouch can extend this capability to be an on-site patient check-in and registration kiosk. Working with the client, we develop a user-friendly kiosk interface to existing patient portal services. This allows organization to leverage their patient portal investment and can significantly reduce the cost of implementing patient check-in kiosks.

  2. TIPS Check-in Express™ - For healthcare organizations without existing patient portal pre-registration capabilities, our Patient Express Check-in Kiosk is an ideal solution. TIPS Check-in Express™ is a DynaTouch built solution which can integrate with an organization's HIS to provide a wide range of patient check-in and registration functionality including:
    • user sign-in and authentication using ID card reader (magnetic stripe and/or bar code), biometric / fingerprint reader, and user login IDs
    • patient demographic verification and updates
    • insurance verification
    • appointment check-in
    • appointment wayfinding maps

VA Patient Self-Care and Self Check-In Kiosks

From 2003 to 2006, DynaTouch worked under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the VA to develop an HL-7 interface to VistA to provide patient self-care and self-service functions. For privacy and security, the kiosks used both biometric (fingerprint) and VA card authentication, and are fully ADA and HIPAA compliant. Functionality included in the Patient Self-Care and Self Check-In Kiosks includes:

  • Patient pain self-assessment questionnaires
  • Access to lab test results and related educational content
  • Future appointment cancellation and rescheduling requests
  • Verification and self-service updates to personal information
  • Pharmacy refill requests
  • Patient check-in to scheduled appointments

Patient Self-Service Kiosks - Options and Benefits

  • Choose from a variety of secure, rugged yet attractive kiosk models - including freestanding, table top and built-in options - professionally branded for your enterprise
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface with a focus on self-service patient education functions
  • Safe and secure unattended operation, with advanced security features to prevent access to the operating system, network or unauthorized Internet sites
  • Peripheral device options - laser and thermal printers, mag stripe and smart card readers, badge readers, bar code scanners, proximity sensors, privacy screens, fingerprint readers, telephones, webcams and others
  • Supports 24x7 remote monitoring for trouble-free operation and maximum uptime
  • Monitor kiosk usage and optimize self-service patient education functions with built-in usage logging and powerful, web-based reporting and analytical tools
  • Scalable interface, to easily accommodate updates and changes as needs evolve
  • Easy integration with industry leading patient-focused health education content modules

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