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DynaTouch offers more than just hardware, more than just software. Our OneSource Solutions™ packages include all of the hardware, software, services and support needed for a fully-integrated, turnkey system. Or, if you already have your own hardware, a preferred hardware source, and/or you want to create your own content, just let us know! We can adjust our packages to suit your needs.

Directory / Wayfinding Icon DIRECTORY / WAYFINDING
Easy to use, easy to read, easy to edit and manage

Whatever your wayfinding needs, DynaTouch has a solution for you. It begins with our TIPS Directory Software (building directory, campus directory, or personnel directory). Provide your visitors with colorful, easy-to-read maps with complete turn-by-turn directions that can be printed or scanned and taken with them on their mobile device. Nav Arrow

Less time waiting in line

Simplify the arrival process with our queuing / customer flow solutions. Easy to implement and easy to use. Your customers can sign in, select a service or reason for their visit, and then be directed to a waiting area. The wait list is viewable from an administrative dashboard on staff desktops, where staff can also set up alerts and notifications, get wait time analytics, and choose options for communicating status to your customers. Nav Arrow

Employee Self-Service Icon EMPLOYEE SELF-SERVICE
Extend the reach of your ESS initiatives

Enterprises are increasingly reaping the benefits of self-service functionality in human resources, through web-based HR applications and corporate intranets. It's an effective way to empower a workforce and save money at the same time. You can realize the full potential of these investments by extending the reach to your entire workforce, not just those sitting at a desk, with controlled and secure Employee Self-Service kiosk solutions from DynaTouch. Nav Arrow

Patient Check-In Icon PATIENT CHECK-IN
Improve patient service and reduce cost

Reduce lines at the registration area by expediting patient check-in with self-service kiosks. You will improve overall patient satisfaction while also realizing higher returns. DynaTouch has an ADA and HIPAA compliant solution to meet all of your needs. Nav Arrow

Education / Training Icon PATIENT EDUCATION
Interactive learning with a touch

Provide your patients and visitors with user-friendly educational and/or training materials, while still maintaining a secure, controlled, public-access system. Interactive learning is more engaging, can be viewed in privacy, and can be completed at the user's own pace. DynaTouch can provide a multitude of templates, or provide ready-to-use content modules. Nav Arrow

Surveys / Feedback Icon SURVEYS / FEEDBACK
If you can measure something, you can improve it

With TIPS Survey Software, select a template, build your own survey questions, and access colorful, on-line, on-demand reports to analyze results. Need something simpler? Choose a simple feedback form and get responses emailed directly to you. Nav Arrow

Secure Access Icon SECURE ACCESS
Locked-down, controlled access to the Internet or Intranet

Leverage your investment in web development, and provide your visitors, customers, and/or staff with securely controlled, yet user-friendly access to your Internet or Intranet pages -- at the point-of-service! DynaTouch can provide a multitude of templates, or provide tailored, ready-to-use content modules designed for your market, including HR Express™, Joint Services OneStop™, Vets Connected, and more.

Vendor Check-In Icon VENDOR CHECK-IN
Free up reception staff

TIPS Vendor Check-In Kiosks allow you to fulfill controlled access requirements without placing undue burden on your reception staff. Provide secure, controlled, self-service access to online vendor credentialing validation service. Nav Arrow

Enrollment Icon ENROLLMENT
Intuitive, touch-friendly interface

Extend the reach of your existing online enrollment programs. Attract and engage your customers with our intuitive touch-friendly interfaces, tailored to promote your enrollment program and to achieve your program's specific needs, and all designed to match your own branding and style.

A tireless addition to your staff

Is your recruiting staff already stretched too thin? Extend the reach of your online recruiting initiatives with our Recruiting / Job Application OneSource solution package. Place systems where you expect your target audience, but you have no staff to cover it. Provide them with access to your employment programs and job opportunities, announce promotions and benefits, invite responses, applications, submissions and more. Nav Arrow

Information / Assistance Icon   INFORMATION / ASSISTANCE
Information at your fingertips

Need a way to present information or provide general assistance to your audience? DynaTouch can help you select the most appropriate hardware platform for your needs, and assist you with our Content Templates package. This offers a multitude of templates that can be tailored to meet your needs and your branding.

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